The Parrot Lounge Fort Lauderdale Menu

May 11, 2019

Discover Delectable Delights

As you step into the vibrant atmosphere of The Parrot Lounge in Fort Lauderdale, get ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other. Our menu, curated with passion and creativity, showcases a diverse range of dishes to tantalize your taste buds.


Start your dining experience with our irresistible selection of appetizers. From crispy calamari and zesty shrimp cocktail to savory bruschetta, our appetizers are the perfect prelude to a memorable meal.

Main Courses

Our main courses are a harmony of flavors and textures that will leave you craving for more. Indulge in our signature dishes such as succulent lobster tail, grilled salmon, or tender filet mignon. Each bite is a burst of culinary excellence.

Vegetarian Options

For our vegetarian patrons, we offer a selection of dishes that celebrate the richness of plant-based ingredients. From vibrant salads to hearty vegetable stir-fries, our vegetarian options cater to every palate, ensuring a satisfying dining experience.


No meal is complete without a sweet ending, and our dessert menu promises to delight your senses. From decadent chocolate lava cake to refreshing fruit sorbets, our desserts are a symphony of sweetness that will leave you longing for more.

Unwind and Indulge

At The Parrot Lounge, we not only offer exceptional cuisine but also a welcoming ambiance that invites you to relax and enjoy. Our attentive staff and cozy surroundings create the perfect setting for a memorable dining experience.

Visit The Parrot Lounge Today

Whether you are a local looking for a new dining spot or a visitor exploring Fort Lauderdale, The Parrot Lounge awaits to enchant you with its culinary delights. Join us for an unforgettable meal and let us elevate your dining experience to new heights.

Plan your visit to The Parrot Lounge in Fort Lauderdale today and savor the flavors of excellence!