Welcome to Johnny V Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale

Apr 10, 2022

About Johnny V

Johnny V is an upscale dining establishment located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Known for its exquisite cuisine, elegant ambiance, and exceptional service, Johnny V has been a favorite among locals and visitors alike for years.


At Johnny V, the menu is a culinary journey inspired by flavors from around the world. From fresh seafood to succulent steaks, each dish is carefully crafted to delight the senses. Signature cocktails and an extensive wine list complement the dining experience.


Conveniently situated on Las Olas Boulevard, Johnny V offers a prime location for diners to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of downtown Fort Lauderdale. Whether you're looking for a romantic evening out or a celebratory dinner with friends, Johnny V provides the perfect setting.

Events and Specials

From wine tastings to live music nights, Johnny V hosts a variety of events to enhance your dining experience. Be sure to check their website or contact them directly for information on upcoming specials and promotions.


For reservations or inquiries, please reach out to Johnny V via their official website or contact them directly. Experience the finest in dining at Johnny V in Fort Lauderdale.

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